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Alabaster giving is the overflow of hearts filled with gratitude to God for the wonderful gift of His Son.



What is Alabaster?

The Alabaster Offering provides funds for property and buildings around the world. While we understand the church consists of the people of God and not a building, buildings erected for the purpose of ministry help provide a sense of permanence, functionally enhance ministry efforts, and convey an attitude that the Church of the Nazarene intends to "put down roots." 

Use of Alabaster funds

Alabaster funds are to be used for new churches to:
   •    Purchase a property or church building
    •   Purchase or build a church parsonage
   •    Build a church building
   •    Conversion of a property into a church gathering space
   •    Meet initial costs for renting a church meeting space for a limited period


Alabaster funds may also be used to:
   •    Purchase or build missionary homes
   •    Purchase or build regional or field missions facilities
   •    Build or repurpose buildings on Bible college campuses

How are Alabaster offerings received?


The Alabaster Offering gets to the mission field via several avenues. The most widely used is the Alabaster Box. Individuals are challenged to regularly contribute the cost of items they desire but do not need. The boxes also serve as reminders to pray for those people who will benefit from Alabaster buildings.


You can purchase Alabaster boxes from church 


In September and February, the money is collected. Many churches receive regular offerings throughout the year that are designated as Alabaster funds. (This is often a part of the Faith Promise plan for missions giving.) However, the semi-annual offerings in September and February are tradition in the Church of the Nazarene. You can give to future projects below.

Reason to GIVE

  1. _______ 5¢ for each bottle/can of pop in your home

  2. _______ 25¢ for each clock you own

  3. _______ One dollar for each car/truck you own

  4. _______ 60¢ for each type of cereal in your cabinets

  5. _______ 75¢ for each type of cologne or perfume on your dresser

  6. _______ 15¢ for each pet you own and an additional 25¢ if the pets are large

  7. _______ 50¢ per hour of television your family watched today

  8. _______ 35¢ for each time you ate out last week

  9. _______ 45¢ for each piece of jewelry you own

  10. _______ 20¢ for each game you own

  11. _______ 55¢ for each house plant you have

  12. _______ 25¢ for each radio you own

  13. _______ 45¢ for each trip you made to a store of any kind this week

  14. _______ 40¢ for each type of shampoo you have in your house

  15. _______ 50¢ for each drink you took today of something other than water

  16. _______ 10¢ for each telephone call you made or received today

  17. _______ 80¢ for each hobby represented in your family

  18. _______ 15¢ for each tie or scarf you own

  19. _______ 25¢ for each power tool or labor-saving device you own

  20. _______ 15¢ for each picture/painting on your home/office walls

  21. _______ 14¢ for each mile you drive to church

  22. _______ 5¢ for each book you own

  23. _______ 95¢ for each sports team you keep track of

  24. _______ 35¢ for each musical instrument in your house

  25. _______ 20¢ for each computer game you have or internet bookmark you use regularly

  26. _______ 25¢ for each snack item purchased this week

  27. _______ 5¢ for each hour of recorded music you listen to each week

  28. _______ 25¢ for each type of flower, tree, or shrub in your yard

  29. _______ 75¢ for each entertainment-related activity you did this week

  30. _______ 50¢ for each hour you spent online this week

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